About the Shop

I have seen the future – and it’s mauve” William Hickey, referring to the colour of the store.
Daily Express
Welcome to the alternative future’s market. It’s Saturday morning and the place is heaving.
Good Housekeeping
Shop’s auguries are for a bright future.
Hampstead & Highgate Express
My favourite haunt is Mysteries in London’s Monmouth Street, a little den of all things spiritual.
Mail on Sunday
A mecca of mysticism. The staff are particularly knowledgable.
The Best of Covent Garden, ES Magazine
Mysteries promotes the benefits of getting closer to your spiritual side.
Marie Clare
Mysteries is London’s alternative store.
Here’s Health
The shop staff all share a genuine dedication to the work that they do.
What’s On In London
Mysteries is London’s premier Psychic Shop and New Age Centre.
Where London
Q: “Which shop could you not live without?”
A: “Mysteries on Monmouth Street”
Meera Syal – Her London ES Magazine
The capital’s best known New Age store. Jarvis, Patsy, and the odd movie star are often to be seen stocking up on incense wands at Mysteries.

About the Readings

Absolutely spot on.
Daily Mirror Magazine
The results were intriguing – and you won’t hear them on an 0891 number.
Evening Standard
Remarkable degree of accuracy. Quite fascinating.
What’s On In London
Wow! Got me down to a tee. I was amazed how they all knew so much about me.
19 Magazine
I feel like he’s had a personal investigator on my case.
Daily Mirror Magazine
Uncannily accurate.
Here’s Health
More powerful than your daily horoscope.
Fiona Jolly, Journal
No way! It was sooo accurate.
Mizz Magazine
You can transform your life in half an hour.
Options Magazine